Finding Happiness

How can we increase our Happiness when there is so much turmoil around us? It seems everywhere we look, there are challenges.

But the human race has been through tough times before.  We’ve overcome adversity, struggle, famines, wars and outbreaks.  We’ve supported each other through some of the toughest of times, and we can do it again. 

With this in mind, is it possible to get through the next few months of challenges and shortages not just surviving, but thriving?

Absolutely!  And it all starts here.

Researchers have found a compounding effect or an ‘upward spiral’ which occurs with people who are happy and positively minded.  Positive and happy emotions broaden our feelings of possibility and open our minds to new ideas and opportunities. 

This in turn allows us to develop new skills and find new resources which will provide value in all areas of our lives. 

As a result, we are happier, more successful, and therefore kinder and more positive to those around us.  This heightens our happy and positive emotions even further, and so the process repeats itself, resulting in an ‘upward spiral’ of happiness, optimism and opportunities.

In order to start this upwards spiral, we need to push the pause button on the negative thoughts, negative conversations and complaints and start framing everything in the positive – thinking and talking about what we do want, instead of what we don’t want. 

When we do this, we are opening our minds to new ideas and solutions to help us.  Our brains are incredible machines, and they believe what we repeatedly tell them. 

So, when you think and talk more often about the great outcomes you are wanting (rather than complaining about things going wrong), you will naturally start brainstorming new ideas and looking for new opportunities which match your thoughts, and start moving towards them.

How do we increase our Happiness?  Find more time to play! 

Playing and having fun is not just for kids do to until they have to ‘grow up’ and enter the real world – it’s an essential and vitally important part of every single day of our lives. 

Where did we ever get the notion that playing should be way down on the ‘to-do’ list and only fitted into our day if we still have time after all our jobs have been completed?!

Put it back to the top of your to-do, and do something fun every single day!!  This could well be the best trigger for more Happiness in your life. 

Not only will it boost your mood and brighten your day to no end, it will also crank up your happiness levels to new heights, which in turn makes you a better person to be around, makes you more efficient and effective in your problem solving and work, and it makes you a more optimistic and successful person in all areas of your life. 

Block out time in your day, every day (!!) to play and have fun, and get back to loving life.

Forgotten how to play?  Write down a list of all the things you loved to do both as a kid and an adult, and see how many you would still love to do. 

Nerf guns wars with your kids or workmates?  Bike rides, beach swims, hill climbs, dance-offs in your lounge with your family or flatmates, backyard cricket, party games, post funny bulletins or jokes each week on a humour bulletin board, do a fun cardio activity like playing touch rugby or basketball, or get creative and make something useful to keep.  Swap ideas with your mates and implement fun activities to do with your workmates during the day. 

To put it simply: Talk in the positive, seek happiness and play often. Your brain will do the rest.

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