Live More Awesome!

Life is supposed to be amazing!  It’s supposed to be full of wonder, fun and adventure, in whatever form that looks like to you.  It is not supposed to be stressful, rushed and so fast paced!  While we may be out of line with how we should be living, there is no time like the present to start focussing on how we can elevate our lives, and ourselves, to make each day and week more awesome.

Living more awesome is a purpose, a mindset, and a way of being that elevates your life into something that bit more extraordinary than it currently is.

Living more awesome means you are taking time out to do things you absolutely LOVE to do.  It means playing your favourite sport, or doing your favourite activity.  It means spending time with the people who light you up or taking time out to do the things that fill your cup to overflowing.  It means stepping outside your comfort zone to try new things and explore new places.  It means being in the moment and feeling the happy buzz more and more often.  It means being a happier and more fulfilled person, which in turn benefits the other areas of your life – your relationships, your work or Business and your health.

No matter what rocks your boat, life is full of chances to do more of it, we just need to decide what they are, and then make them happen!

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming ‘Wow! What a Ride!’ “

-Hunter S. Thompson

Start Living More Awesome today…

  • Book time in your calendar EVERY WEEK to do a sport or activity that totally lights you up…  Something that makes your heart race, your soul come alive, and that leaves you with a buzz of happiness afterwards.  Is it walking to the top of a hill for a stunning view; playing sport with people you can laugh and have fun with; sharing your skills and time with people who need and appreciate them, or doing an activity that you absolutely love to do…?
  • Feel the Fear and do it anyway!  Step outside your comfort zone to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, often!  Living more awesome, means trying new things and finding new activities to love.  Life becomes very small (and a bit mundane!) when you are constantly sitting inside your comfort zone.  Push yourself to try something new and do something that scares you, even a little.  Your comfort zone widens, and your confidence and abilities improve each time you feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Write your very own Bucket List!  What would you regret not doing, having or being in this life?  What are the things you dream of doing ‘one day’?  Make a plan to do them!  If they are big and expensive, then start by opening an account and putting a small amount of money into it each week to save for the big adventure.  Write it down, plan it out and make it happen! 
  • Spend more time in a positive frame of mind…  Think, Do and Be Positive! Life is too short to waste on negative emotions, and negative people!  We can actually CHOOSE to deliberately think positive thoughts, every day.  Fill your mind with thoughts like ‘I feel great’, ‘I’m on a winning streak’, ‘everything goes right for me’, ‘I choose to do this’, ‘every day is a chance to live more awesome’.
  • Travel to New Places, near or far…  We live in the most beautiful country!  New Zealand is FULL of incredible places to explore – including right in our own back yard.  Get out and visit the beautiful spots and do all the awesome activities in your local area and beyond.  

Ready to live a happier, more awesome life?  Ditch the distractions (TV, Social Media, YouTube) tonight and spend time dreaming up ways to Live More Awesome J

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