Positive Mindset Challenge - For ages 10-100+

In the Workplace

Happiness in the workplace is no longer something to be pushed to the side to reconsider "when you have time". It is now regarded by many Fortune 500 Companies as the Number One Priority in the Success of their Business.


Because Science has proven time and again, that which many great leaders and authors have been proclaiming for years - Happiness Fuels Productivity and Success.

That's right - your mindset, and the mindset of each of your team members, plays a vital role in the success of your Business.

Science now proves that when the human brain is positive, productive energy increases by 31%, sales increase by 37% and the likelihood of being promoted increases by 40%.

Plus, intelligence, creativity and memory are all significantly enhanced.

As an Employer, the Happiness of your Staff has a direct impact on both your bottom line and your enjoyment at work. When you consider that the mental wellbeing of your staff while they are at work is now in your hands, creating a positive mindset within your team is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity.

Being proactive in avoiding issues in your workplace and not just reacting when problems arise, makes all the difference.

Those with a positive mindset show their positive attitude in their words and their actions. These people radiate differently, and their positivity rubs off on those around them. It can be as simple as walking in with a genuine smile in the morning. One positive attitude can uplift the mood and efficiency of an entire team.

The Positive Mindset Challenge is the right place to start if you want to promote a great culture and make a positive impact within your organisation.

The Challenge brings a full range of powerful messages and tools for a better life and workplace culture - all presented in short, concise videos with daily challenges to learn, practise and benefit from. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to access.

Our methods are scientifically proven, substantiated and used all over the world.

A Great Day begins with a Positive Mindset

The investment: $125 per person for Lifetime access to the entire Positive Mindset Challenge.

Access also allows participants to share the Positive Mindset Challenge with their partners and their families, meaning you are not only helping your Team members, you are also helping the people closest to them.

Plus, we operate a 'Buy One, Gift One' system - for each Challenge purchased, we will donate the entire Mindset Challenge to someone who is unable to afford it. You can nominate a Friend, Colleague, School or Charity to receive it, or leave it to us to give to someone in need.

Start creating a Positive Mindset within your Team now.

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