Our Programme

We have worked really hard so that you don’t have to!

The Positive Mindset Challenge brings you the most up-to-date, scientifically proven and world-renowned tools and techniques covering all aspects of Positive Wellbeing.

These are for you, your family, your students, your children, your employees, and your friends.

Our Comprehensive Programme includes:

  • Why your thoughts and your reactions make all the difference to your day.
  • Specific Mindset Techniques to lift you up when you are feeling down.
  • The importance of your Smile.
  • How to Focus on what you DO want, rather than what you DON'T want.
  • How Gratitude will shift your thoughts and your day.
  • Self-love and focusing on your good qualities.
  • Friendships and Bullying.
  • Random acts of kindness and the incredible benefits everyone receives.
  • Judging others - why we should give others the freedom to be as they are.
  • Intuition - how to listen to your intuition and use it often.
  • Using the power of your thoughts and beliefs to improve your health and your recovery.
  • The dramatic changes to the way your food is produced is taking its toll on your body, your mind and your behaviour.
  • Meditate to improve your Mental Wellbeing and your Performance.
  • The importance of sleep!
  • Letting go of past hurt – those hurt and angry feelings are holding you back.
  • How a simple rock can shift your thoughts to the good things in your day.
  • Where to now? 4 key questions to help you discover a Future Path you Love.
  • Improving your Attitude to open doors and bring the right opportunities to you.
  • Your Beliefs shape your life – replacing your negative beliefs with positive ones.
  • Why are high achievers Visualising, and how can you do it too?
  • Exercise to improve your health and your mood!
  • We all experience love differently – understanding how you feel most loved.
  • Be the change you wish to see - a better world starts with you!
  • Your Top Ten minutes – starting your day in the best possible way, makes all the difference.
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