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We care about the Mental Wellbeing and success of every child in your School.

Our passion for improving Mental Wellbeing within NZ and around the world, has led us to create this all-inclusive program - specifically designed to equip your students with the mindset knowledge and tools they need to thrive in every area of their life, and all in a platform they can refer back to over and over again.

We are here to support you in your quest to ensure that every one of your students' is fully equipped to live a Happy and Fulfilling life.

Given the escalating Mental Wellbeing problems among our youth, it makes sense to teach students ways to promote and protect their own Mental Wellbeing while they are at school.

Mental Wellbeing is not only vital for students’ success during their school years, but also for their future paths as they navigate their way in the world. Children who are well-equipped with Positive Mindset Tools are far more likely to learn and perform at their best, now and in the future, and are far less likely to fall into depression during their Teenage years and beyond.

Science has proven over and over again that when children (and adults) are feeling happy, their memory is significantly improved, they are more productive, more creative, more motivated, more engaged and are much more likely to find careers they love and can excel in - increasing their chances of living a longer and happier life.

We all want our kids to be happy, healthy kids who enjoy life and are well equipped with the tools they need to face and overcome the challenges ahead of them.

This program ticks all the boxes – it is an investment in their today, their tomorrow and their future.

Access to the Positive Mindset Challenge requires a one-off investment of $75 per teacher/class for lifetime access. It can be used as much as needed throughout the year, and repeated with each new class, year after year for no extra cost.

Plus, we operate a 'Buy One, Gift One' system - for each Challenge purchased, we will donate the entire Mindset Challenge to someone who is unable to afford it. You can nominate someone to receive it (a Friend, another School, or a Charity), or leave it to us to give to someone in need.

Student Lifetime access for just $10 per student - This enables your students to share their Positive Mindset Challenge with their families, plus refer back to it over and over again in their own time. Contact us to receive your $10 per Student Gift Code.

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